#Jazida Productions

A Canberra based business with a vision to elevate local performance art (particularly burlesque, bellydance and cabaret)

What do we do?

Performing art Shows

#JazidaProductions runs local productions where audience members can enjoy live interactive performances and experience artists'creations!

Interstate headliners

#JazidaProductions brings performers from across Australia to Canberra to showcase a wide range of talents with the local community

Performance Opportunities

#JazidaProductions creates performance opportunities for local established artists as well as securing minor slots in her shows to support budding talent

Development workshops

#JazidaProductions facilitates workshops from artists (particularly those visiting from interstate) to skill share with the local Canberra arts community

Jazida creates a comfortable and professional atmosphere for audience and performer alike. Her commitment to quality and organisation ensures that the show/workshop runs smoothly and all performers and crew on board are at ease and confident to perform at their full potential. 

-Camilla Cream 2017

Who is Jazida?

Jazida (aka Rachel Reid) is the founder of #JazidaProductions and  is also a  Canberra based burlesque performer, dance teacher, musician and  bellydancer


What are the shows?

#JazidaProductions puts on a range of shows with a goal to host enjoyable events which connect the community and support the development of local talent

"Arabian Nights at Polit" is a bellydance showcase which occurs every 3 months at Polit Bar in Manuka

"High Brow at the LoBrow" is a variety burlesque event which occurs every 3-6 month at the LoBrow Gallery and Bar in Civic

The "Party With Jazida" series are shows which follow a party format instead of a formal show format. Each event is themed and features best dressed, trivia, games and performances

#JazidaProductions has also produced a range of one-off shows, as well as shows co-produced with other local producers

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